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Do not use sugar water as bee food.

Honey bees collect nectar from flowers to survive.
Honey is an essential source of energy for bees to grow and work. In beekeeping, sugar water is sometimes fed instead of collecting honey, but Kameya does not feed sugar water.
I am careful not to take too much honey for the bees to use. (Or rather, it was originally all about the bee, and it ended up feeling like a giant.)
This allows the bees to work in a natural environment.
You can enjoy the pure floral taste without the ingredients of sugar water mixed with honey.
Of course, I didn't add starch syrup, etc.


・Collect honey after more than 1/3 of the frame is covered with honey.

Honey bees collect nectar from flowers, bring it back to their hives, and store it in the hexagonal holes you may have seen before. Flower nectar initially contains 60% water.
Inside the hive, the honey collected by the ventilator worker bees flaps its wings and blows air against it, reducing the moisture content to about 20%.
As a result, the sugar content also rises to 75% to 80%. Honey bees secrete wax and cap the honey.
At Kameya, more than half of the honey is collected after it is covered.
Legend has it that honey with a lid does not spoil.
It is said that honey that was covered more than 3000 years ago was excavated as a burial item from the pyramid and was in an edible state. . .


・No heat treatment

Honey contains many enzymes secreted by bees.
nDo not heat-treat as it will destroy the enzyme.
This is possible only because the honey has a high sugar content and is capped and does not spoil.

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